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What we are unique

We are a union of countries and cultures that gives our clients total peace of mind while doing business in China.
Our experienced employees bring a wide range of talents and languages to our operation. Service Chinese Client with GMS International networks
Any flag, any crew:
We can provide a chinese technical and manning solution to your ship management requirements and it comes with international standards and systems attached.
RIGHTSHIP highly accredited ship manager, non of managed ships accredited with lower than 4 stars

Enhancing GMS brand by being a highly reliable & responsible service provider, upholding safety & environmental protection while creating wealth for the clients & community through sustainable growth .
1.Global Marine Ship Management provides a unique window into the Chinese ship management environment.
2. The complex layers of the shipping environment in China present a challenge to the international business community - we are      best placed to be the PRC partner.
3. GMS is the first of its kind to successfully blend traditional Chinese maritime expertise to the highest international standards.

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